María José Díaz

Fundadora y Directora Ejecutiva de PalletLand


Tourism Administration with mention in management of tourist resources. Master’s Degree in Tourism Consulting. Courses of specialization in Planning and Management of Sustainable Tourism, public services and private initiatives, Internal Commerce.

Independent consultant with extensive experience community relationship for sustainable tourism planning and management, I have made entrepreneurship projects and tourism business development, consulting, I did technical assistance and classes in patrimonial marketing areas from the point of view of the inhabitants of the Tamarugal territory.

I have an important network inserted in the communities of the indigenous territory and close relationship with the communities in different localities of the region. I have been academic coordinator of programs of strengthening for the tourist management and leveling of labor competences, as well as of putting in value for the thermal tourism in the territory of Tamarugal. participated as coordinator of different projects in the Region of Tarapacá, with workshops, reports, advice on the tourism industry, value propositions, profile analysis, etc.